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OffiNeeds has been a leader in the Corporate Gifting space since 2005.

Over the years, we have helped many of India's largest companies in IT, Telecom, Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Health and many other sectors to create #BrandAmbassadors through #CorporateGifts. We are now seeking out franchisees to take advantage of our expertise & experience to capture this ever growing market.

Become a Corporate Gifting Franchisee

Leverage your Connections & Relationship Skill to become a Successful Entrepreneur


500 Sq Ft

Office Space, Close to Corporate Offices

Rs. 4 lac

Franchise Fee

More than 50%

Returns on Investment

15-18 Months

Overall Break Even

Rs. 10-14 lac

Total Investment

3 - 6 Months

Operational Break Even

What is Corporate Gifting?

In today’s day and age, a Brand is the greatest asset for any company. And effectively, the company’s employees, clients and dealers are its Brand Ambassadors. There are a lot of activities that the company has to do to keep them all engaged and motivated. Merchandise with the company logo is one of the most basic and cost effective tools for branding and marketing. So, companies are always using products like t-shirts, caps, bags, pens, mugs, clocks and a ton of other products with their logos for gifting and promotion.

According to Technopak Advisors, Corporate Gifting market in India is in excess of Rs. 12000 Crores and growing at 200% year on year -

Why Corporate Gifting is Important?


Competition is fiercer than ever before in every segment and it is a massive challenge to increase brand recall and increase market share. Even employee attrition is at its highest. In such times, Corporate Gifts are as basic a necessity in business as salt in food.

What products are being gifted?


Every Corporate is looking for more innovative products for gifting and promotion. So, there is a constant need for innovation and sourcing the most innovative products. Then, there is the need to customize the products with their logos or any other content.

What are the biggest challenges Corporates face?


 Time is the No. 1 challenge that all corporates are constrained by. Invariably, large corporates need suppliers who can show samples and deliver customized products, without compromising on quality, at breakneck speed. And there are very few suppliers who can meet these expectations.



Offineeds has been a leader in the Corporate Gifting space since 2005. In this period, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the largest companies in almost every possible sector in almost every major City in India. While we believe we have a ton of reasons why we are poised to be one of the best in the industry, we will list what we think are the top 3.

Massive Network of Factories


By virtue of being in business for a long time, we have developed a large network of factories across India and China.

We have had the privilege of working with the best and even co-owning factories that are of strategic importance to this business.

This ensures we have vast pipelines of innovative products that we keep on introducing.


Advanced B2B Marketing


We take pride in our marketing strategies. From digital marketing to tradeshows to advertising, we are focussed on lead generation as much as brand building.

That means we have innovative ways of generating leads as well as engaging existing customers through our marketing strategies. Effectively making it far easier for you to close deals with new as well as existing clients.


Fast and Easy


Speed is the name of the game. So much so, that very often when you ask clients when they want the delivery, they will tell you yesterday!

Our entire organization and style of working has been tuned for speed. A classic example is our “Advanced Search + Download My Catalog” feature. Using this, you can help clients shortlist the products that are perfect for them in just 5 minutes.


Watch how we help our clients find the perfect product in just 5 minutes.

(Something our competitors would take 2-6 days!!)



Would you like to become an franchisee?

Can you think of areas near you where there are a lot of large corporate offices?

Are you already thinking of all the connections and experience that you can leverage on?



  • Identify a location close to a lot of corporate offices

  • Set up a 500 sq ft office with a #CorporateGifts experience zone


  • Reach out to all the corporates in the locality, meet the decision makers

  • Use the OffiNeeds approach to acquire customers and close orders.

  • Watch as your profits are credited to your account


  • The beauty of this business is that there is a lot of teams in the same company with a lot of inquiries.

  • Keep a high level of service and you’ll be their go-to person for everything

3 reasons why OffiNeeds is the

Best Franchising Opportunity

B2B Orders


You don't just open shop and wait for customers to walk in. You can go after as many customers as you want. Your aspiration is the only limitation.


Very Low Investment


Unlike retail, this business does not require office space in a prime location. So, that's a low rentals, low salaries and zero inventory business!

Large Orders


In this business, you are handling large orders. While large orders run into several lacs, average order size is between Rs. 10k - Rs. 5 Lac. Means, bigger Paychecks!

Some of our Clients

Few Client Testimonials

I had ordered some trophies from The service exceeds my expectations. My experience with gifting has been amazing and they are professional and constantly update on the order status. Offineeds offers me the level of reliability that I expect. I can trust them that they will meet the deadline that was set. I would always love to do business with again and I also recommend them to my colleagues.

We ordered for customised T-shirts with & connected with Mr. Abhilash. Had an excellent service & got the ordered quantity of T-shirts on time with customized design as desired & expected. Overall we are very happy with Offineeds delivery and quality of products. Thank You!

We are really happy with the services. Ganesh M was very generous and polite while providing services. He understood our requirement and ensured that he fulfilled his commitment on the given time. Looking forward to give more business to OffiNeeds. We are really really happy with the quality of services provided by Ganesh And Offineeds. Cheers!

It was very nice working with Offineeds. Avinash was the person who was coordinating with us for the requirements. Avinash clearly understands our requirements and delivers as expected.



Would you like to become an franchisee?

Can you think of areas near you where there are a lot of large corporate offices?

Are you already thinking of all the connections and experience that you can leverage on? makes it to the quarter-finals of

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Support Offered to Franchisee

OffiNeeds Franchise is for you!


 You will make an excellent Franchisee if:

- You have worked at an organization for 5-15 years

- You have a good network of people working in large organizations and you like interacting with decision makers

- You want to be an independant Entrepreneur